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Peel P50 3d model

Peel P50

This is the smallest production car in the world (Peel Pee 50). This kid could fit only one person, who could easily turn Pil Pee around or drag him into the building by the handle from behind.

Peel P50 weighs only 59 kg, length: 1340mm, width: 990mm, height: 1200mm, top speed: 61 km/h.

The model was built in blender 3d. I slightly tinted the windows, as this model does not have a salon.

Peel P50 (Peel Pee 50) is a three-wheeled microcar-motorcycle manufactured by Peel Engineering Company. The car held one adult and a bag, had only one door on the left and had one headlight, and currently holds the record for the smallest production car. The device was equipped with a handle on the back, which allowed it to be manually deployed or dragged into the room, which, with a weight of only 59 kg, was not difficult. The cost of the new car was £ 199. The car is equipped with a 49-cc motorcycle two-stroke DKW engine with a capacity of 4.2 liters. from. and has a maximum speed of 61 km / h, however, the speed depends on the weight and height of the person. The engine is located in front on the right and is aggregated with a three-speed manual transmission that does not have a reverse gear. The basic version of the Peel P50, in addition to one headlight, included a windshield wiper
windshield. Fuel consumption — 2.8 liters / 100 km.

Размер архива RAR14,0 МБ
FormatsObj, fbx, stl, 3ds, blend, dae
UV MappedNo
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